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He was a happy kitty and had the softest, whitest underbelly and kept his coat very clean and his paws spotless.

Playing with string. So very cute. Look at that pink nose!  beautiful face. A special cat to behold.

Here he is showing off, he climbed up the tree with no help from his owner.

Mr. Frankie was one happy kitty, look at that smile...that face!

Mr. Frankie with photos of Brian Epstein and the Four Tops.

What a photogenic cat, he loved his last home in San Francisco even if his owner couldn't afford the rent increase!

Now he has to get back down, but he's a professional climber for a cat that was over 14 years old!

Love this photo of Mr. Frankie!

This was Mr. Frankie's favorite place in the morning, on top of the cat tree outside in the garden, taking a sun bath when we lived in Pacific Heights in San Francisco.  See video to see Mr. Frankie "show off" scratching his beloved cat tree.

Frankie loved his naps!