Conclusion from Forensics Report below:

Based on these findings, the most consistent proximate cause of death would be blunt force trauma
resulting in abdominal laceration and evisceration of bowel loops with probable shock. The fractures, while significant, would most likely not directly contribute to death. Considering the location of the body, being run over by a vehicle, which could include a bicycle, is the most likely source for this type of trauma.

Please click on the Forensics Report blue button to open up the pdf file  because GoDaddy's Website Builder does NOT support displaying pdf files on a webpage.  As a jpg file, I am unable to display the  entire forensics file, so this is the best I can do.  fyi 

Please note that the UC Davis Small Animal Emergency/Center referred me to another Vet who does their post-mortem work but that after speaking with that Vet, I was unable to afford a full exam. It took me 6 days to learn about Dr. Fritz who is highly recommended by the UC Davis Forensics Genetics Animal Department, hence the delay in getting Frankie to Dr. Fritz. Be sure to check his office schedule as they're closed on Wednesday afternoons! .